Is Sprite Gluten-Free? 7 popular soda ingredients

Soda has a crisp and bubbly flavor that you don’t often receive in other beverages. When being on a gluten-free diet, you constantly have to read labels and check for certifications, even with drinks. While most soda is gluten-free, it doesn’t hurt to check. 

So can you still enjoy the refreshing lemon-lime flavor of the sprite on a hot summer day? Is sprite gluten-free? 

The answer is yes. Sprite is one of the many beverages created by The Coca-Cola Company that is gluten-free. While the bottle doesn’t have a gluten-free label, the company publicly states that none of their drinks contain gluten and are suitable for consumption of those with celiac disease. 

The picture below was taken directly from the Coca-Cola Company website.

If you’re still curious, read on to see exactly what goes into a Sprite and ensure that each ingredient is gluten-free. 

What’s in Sprite? 

The caffeine-free lemon-lime soda has been beloved for over 60 years. It was invented by a Coca-Cola team member in 1959 and has since become one of the most popular soft drinks worldwide. 

You may begin to see a new look for Sprite as they go from the notoriously green bottle to a clear one. Their new bottles will be made of 100% recycled plastic. They still contain the same original ingredients, but what is inside a bottle of sprite? 

Each ingredient is listed out and further explained below. 

Carbonated Water

Carbonated or soda water is the base of most soft drinks. This is the combination of water and Co2, and it supplies bubbles we all know and love so much to the soda. Without this ingredient, the drink wouldn’t be the same. This is obviously gluten-free.

When I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake but still have a craving for fizz, I’ll drink carbonated water on its own. Check out my recent article under the carbonated water section for tips and tricks on how to spruce up your soda water. 


I would like to say this treat of a beverage wouldn’t be the same without sugar, but Coke zero clearly proves me wrong. Sugar is a natural sweetener that finds its way into several food and beverage products. If you didn’t already know, it is gluten-free.

Citric Acid 

Citric acid is sometimes a white or colorless powder. It is an organic compound that is naturally found in citrus fruits such as lemon, limes, and grapefruits. It is often used as a flavoring agent due to its naturally acidic and sour taste and a preservative in primarily candies and drinks. 

This ingredient is naturally gluten-free. 


Aspartame is an artificial sweetener and is used as a sugar substitute. Aspartame consists of two amino acids, aspartic acid, and phenylalanine. You may have heard this name before due to some health controversies. While I can’t say that Aspartame is healthy for your body, I can assure you it is gluten-free. 

Acesulfame K

This is another sweetener. Acesulfame K  is a synthetic sugar substitute. It can also appear under the names Acesulfame Potassium or Ace K. It is normally used in beverages that don’t already contain sugar; however, this drink includes both. 

Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate)

Sodium Citrate is the sodium salt derived from citric acid. It is used as a salt flavor additive as well as a preservative. This helps to add to the sour taste of the lemon-lime flavor and regulates the acidity.  This is naturally gluten-free. 

Natural Lemon and Lime Flavorings

Natural flavors are used in products to enhance the flavors of the beverage or food.  This can include parts of the lemons or limes or just the juices. 

Check out this video to see how Sprite is created: 

Are Other Sprite Flavors Gluten-Free?

The original sprite is not the only flavor of the gluten-free beverage. You can also enjoy Ginger Sprite, Cherry Sprite, Tropical Mix Sprite, and Lymonade Sprite. 

The original sprite, ginger, and cherry are all available in the zero sugar variation. 

To see the ingredient listing of these different variations, check out their website. Sprite is a great stand-alone beverage or can also be mixed to create your very own variation. Mix it with some juices and fruit to create a holiday punch or craft a cocktail. 

Pro Tip: I love to mix original sprite with a splash of orange juice, cranberry juice, or both. 

Is Sierra Mist Gluten-Free?

If Sprite is out of your reach, you can enjoy a Sierra Mist. This is a great alternative. Sierra Mist is produced by Coca-Cola’s main competitor PepsiCo. The bottle does not have a gluten-free label, but it is free from any gluten-containing ingredients. 

All of the beverage ingredients are listed in the picture below that was taken from the Pepsico website.

There may be seasonal flavors of this drink, but no other beverage variations were currently listed on the website. 

Is Mountain Dew Gluten-Free?

Mountain Dew is a citrus-flavored soda that is also gluten-free.  It has a slightly different flavor than sprite and is known for containing caffeine. Mountain Dew is advertised to give you that pep in your step if you’re feeling a bit sluggish. 

You can enjoy this beverage in a range of flavors and styles. These are all listed below. 

  • MTN Dew Spark 
  • MTN Dew Spark Zero Sugar
  • MTN Dew Major Lemon 
  • MTN Dew Major Lemon Zero Sugar
  • MTN Dew Live Wire 
  • MTN Dew Voo Dew Mystery Flavor Limited Edition 
  • MTN Dew Liberty Brew Limited Edition 
  • MTN Dew Code Red 
  • MTN Dew Kickstart 


If you have a craving for the sprite, there is no need to worry. This beverage is gluten-free. You can also enjoy it in multiple flavors as well as the zero-sugar variation. Sierra Mist and  Mountain Dew are two great alternatives if you’re looking to switch it up. Both are available in a variety of flavors. 

Looking for a lemon-lime beverage that is a bit more hydrating? Find out if Gatorade is gluten-free.

My name is Gabby, and I’m the creator of Gone Gluten. I started this site to inspire those who are currently living or trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

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