Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu 2024: 3 Great Alternatives

Little Caesars is commonly known for their hot and ready pizza that you can pick up in a time crunch. I was curious if this same pizza is accessible in a gluten-free option, and sadly the answer to this is no. 

Little Ceasar’s gluten-free menu is short and sweet; it consists of chicken wings, select sauces, dips, and soft drinks. While their allergens are listed, they cannot confirm cross-contamination doesn’t occur in the kitchen. 

Let’s take a deeper look at these menu items, find out how they are prepared, and discover the best alternative restaurants. 

Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu:

Little Caesars gluten-free menu consists of: 

  • Oven Roasted Caesar Wings 
  • Buffalo Sauce 
  • BBQ Sauce 
  • Garlic Parmesan Sauce 
  • Cheddar Cheese Sauce 
  • Ranch
  • Cheesy Jalapeno 
  • Select Beverages 

While Little Caesars certainly has gluten-free options, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way for them. However, if you are in a time crunch, you can rest assured that you can eat something on the menu, as long as you aren’t vegetarian. 

Oven Roasted Caesar Wings

The oven-roasted chicken wings are the only gluten-free meal choice on the menu. 

The wings do not contain gluten but are baked in the same oven as the pizza, so cross-contamination will likely occur. If you have extreme sensitivity or celiac, I recommend avoiding Little Caesars altogether. 

You can enjoy your wings, plain or tossed in buffalo, bbq, or garlic parmesan sauce. Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, I know my chicken wings. So in my biased opinion, a hot sauce like the buffalo sauce is always the way to go. Served with blue cheese dressing of course. 

I’ve gone a step further and listed the ingredients for each sauce choice so you can clearly see they do not contain gluten. 

Buffalo Sauce

  • Distilled Vinegar 
  • Aged Cayenne Pepper
  • Salt 
  • Water 
  • Canola Oil
  • Paprika 
  • Xanthan Gum 
  • Natural Butter Type Flavor
  • Garlic Powder

BBQ Sauce

  • Brown Sugar 
  • Sugar 
  • Water 
  • Tomato Paste 
  • Distilled Vinegar 
  • Salt 
  • Modified Corn Starch 
  • Mustard Flour 
  • Hickory Smoke Flavor 
  • Barbecue Seasoning 

Garlic Parmesan 

It sounds like it would be a straightforward sauce, garlic, and parmesan, maybe a splash of butter. I was surprised when I saw this recipe had 15 main ingredients—more than the Buffalo and BBq sauce. 

These ingredients include:  

  • Soybean Oil 
  • Parmesan Cheese 
  • Water 
  • Garlic
  • Salt 
  • Lemon Juice Concentrate 
  • Less than 2% Distilled Vinegar
  • Sugar 
  • Cultured Dextrose 
  • Food Starch-Modified 
  • Cane Sugar
  • Spice 
  • Citric Acid 
  • Xanthan Gum 
  • Natural Flavors 

Dipping Sauces

If you would rather take the plain chicken wing route, you can get a few sauces on the side for dipping. The allergen menu shows there are no wheat-containing ingredients, but it is not clear if they are certified gluten-free. Make sure to double-check with the staff upon ordering. 

The gluten-free dipping sauces include the following: 

  • Cheddar Cheese Sauce 
  • Ranch
  • Cheesy Jalapeno 


Little Caesars currently offers Pepsi products. They are available to add to your order in 20 oz or 2-liter bottles. All drink options are gluten-free. These flavors include:

  • Pepsi cola 
  • Mountain Dew 
  • Sierra Mist 
  • Diet Pepsi 

An Interesting History 

So, how did Little Caesars prosper enough to bring the above menu options? Well, it all started with a blind date. The Founders Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff were set up in 1954, and within a few months, they were bound for marriage. 

The couple invested their life savings just five years later to open up the first of many Little Caesars. 

Today they are internationally known and the fastest-growing pizza chain in the United States. Not only are they serving up hot pizza at a reasonable price they also provide free slices to the hungry and homeless throughout the states. This is known as the Little Caesars Love Kitchen. 

Their community work doesn’t end there. Little Caesar operates one of the largest youth hockey organizations in the nation. 

But, enough about Little Ceasars, and let’s move on to some alternative options. 


Are you looking for a pizzeria where gluten-free crust is an actual option? Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and Dominos are a few great alternatives as they each serve gluten-free pizza dough.

Pizza Hut 

Pizza Hut has made navigating through its menu easier for those with allergies. Go to their allergen menu and select the product you would like to avoid. You will have to dig a bit deeper for those with celiacs or gluten intolerance, as they only have a wheat allergy selection. Your handy dandy label reading abilities come into play. 

Sadly, Udis gluten-free pizza crust is only available at select Pizza Hut locations.

To discover if the Pizza Hut nearest to you serves GF crust, visit their website, select ‘start your order,’ and check if there is a gluten-free tab on their pizza page. If you see this selection, you’re in luck; if it doesn’t appear, one of the below alternatives may be a better fit for you. 

Pizza Hut does its best to eliminate cross-contamination. There is no loose flour used in kitchens where gluten-free pizzas are offered. They also have a specific pizza cutter that is dedicated to gluten-free pizzas only. 

David Gibbs, the global CEO of Pizza Hut, states:

“We partnered with the most respected names in the gluten-free community to develop a best-in-class pizza for those looking to limit gluten in their diet. Our Gluten-Free Pizza has all the flavor America has come to expect from a Pizza Hut pizza, which is why we are thrilled to add this great pizza to our lineup.”

The gluten-free crust is available in a 10inch pizza and cut into six slices, typically feeding one to two people. The pricing starts at 9.99 for traditional cheese. 

Your gluten-free pizza options include:

  • Meat Lovers 
  • Pepperoni Lovers 
  • Supreme 
  • Veggie Lovers 

Rather create your own pizza? All of the below toppings are gluten-free:

  • Cheese 
  • Pepperoni 
  • Mediterranean Black Olives  
  • Applewood Smoked Bacon
  • Beef 
  • Diced Roma Tomatoes 
  • Fresh Green Bell Peppers 
  • Fresh Mushrooms 
  • Fresh Red Onions 
  • Fresh Green Chili Peppers
  • Green Olives 
  • Ham 
  • Italian Sausage 
  • Seasoned Pork 
  • Sliced Banana Peppers 
  • Grilled Chicken 
  • Sliced Jalapeno Peppers 
  • Slow-Roasted Ham 
  • Sweet Pineapple 

Steer clear of Creamy Garlic Parmesan Sauce and Meatballs as they both contain gluten. 

Are you looking for something sweet at the end of your meal? There is only one gluten-free dessert: the cinnamon sticks with white icing dipping sauce. A little weary of this option? Don’t just take my word for it. Check the nutritional information below. 

Papa John’s 

If your nearest Pizza Hut Location doesn’t carry gluten-free crust, don’t worry. All 3,00 Papa John’s located in the US offer gluten-free crust, and this dough is manufactured in a separate facility away from allergens. 

However, they advise that this may not be suitable for those with celiacs or severe gluten intolerance. This is due to the fact that there is loose flour in the kitchen, and it may lead to cross-contamination. Use your judgment when ordering, and make sure to specify your medical condition if you have one. 

With lots of gluten-free toppings, the pizza is your canvas. Create away with any of the below items.

  • Pizza Cheese 
  • Pepperoni
  • Italian Sausage 
  • Sausage 
  • Beef
  • Canadian Bacon 
  • Bacon
  • Grilled Chicken 
  • Philly Steak 
  • Fresh Mushroom 
  • Pineapple 
  • Onions 
  • Green Peppers 
  • Black Olives 
  • Sliced Jalapenos 
  • Banana Peppers 
  • Anchovies 
  • Tomatoes 
  • Fresh Spinach 

What’s pizza without chicken wings? Add any of the below gluten-free items to your order. 

  • Roasted Wings 
  • Honey chipotle Wings 
  • Buffalo Wings 
  • BBQ Wings 

This is the shortlist of their gluten-free items. Check out my recent article for an in-depth walkthrough of Papa John’s Gluten-free menu. 


You’ll be happy to hear you can find the gluten-free crust at any of the almost 5,000 US locations.

Domino’s GF pizza dough is manufactured in a certified gluten-free facility, like Papa John’s; they can’t be certain that the crust doesn’t experience contamination on site as it is prepared in a kitchen with gluten-containing ingredients. 

Curious to know more about Domino’s gluten-free crust? Check out this company video below. 

If you are willing to take the risk, you can choose from any of the below gluten-free toppings:

  • Pizza Cheese 
  • Bacon 
  • Banana Peppers 
  • Beef 
  • Black Olives 
  • Anchovies 
  • Green Olives 
  • Ham 
  • Green Peppers
  • Mushrooms 
  • Onions 
  • Pepperoni 
  • Pineapple 
  • Grilled Chicken 

Like the above restaurants, Domino’s offers several gluten-free chicken wings. Order them gluten-free or tossed in any of the below sauces. 

  • Hot Buffalo 
  • Honey BBQ
  • Mild Buffalo
  • Garlic Parmesan 

This is not an exclusive menu but some of my favorite gluten-free options. 


Little Caesars has limited options on their gluten-free menu and does not serve gluten-free pizza crust. Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s are three great alternatives that serve gluten-free dough. Be aware of cross-contamination at all establishments and use your judgment when ordering. 

Are you looking for a great gluten-free beer to pair your pizza with? Check out my top 10 gluten-free beers. 

My name is Gabby, and I’m the creator of Gone Gluten. I started this site to inspire those who are currently living or trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

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