Is Pepto Bismol Gluten-Free (2024)? Find Out Here

Pepto Bismol has been around for nearly 100 years and is often the go-to product for the relief of stomach pain and related symptoms. 

But is Pepto Bismol gluten-free?

I went directly to the source to find out and uncovered similar gluten-free medicines along the way. 

Is Pepto Bismol gluten-free?

Is Pepto Bismol Gluten-Free?

Pepto Bismol is not gluten-free. While the ingredients do not contain gluten, the company cannot confirm that cross-contamination does not occur during production. The products don’t carry the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) symbol in their packaging, and the factory has not undergone an allergy assessment. 

I contacted pepto bismol directly

Don’t just take my word for it; see what Pepto Bismol representatives had to say when I reached out to their Facebook messenger contact directly: 

Gluten-free Anti-Diarrhea Medicines

While Pepto Bismol is not gluten-free, there are plenty of similar medicines that are. I did the research and compiled a list of gluten-free anti-diarrhea medicines. 

1.Target Up and Up Bismuth Regular Strength Stomach Relief – Original Flavor

This is the Pepto Bismol equivalent with both brands using bismuth subsalicylate as the active ingredient. This pink liquid relieves nausea, indigestion, heartburn, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Look for the gluten-free indication near the drug facts panel. 

2.Target Up and Up Loperamide Anti-Diarrheal Caplets

This off-brand medication includes loperamide hydrochloride, the main active ingredient in Imodium. This medicine is used to ease symptoms of diarrhea. The box is labeled gluten-free and can be located near the drug facts panel. 

3.Target Up and Up Loperamide Anti-Diarrheal Suspension – Mint 

Another medication with the active ingredient loperamide hydrochloride. This mint flavored liquid is labeled gluten-free and can be found near the drug facts panel. 

4.Walgreens Loperamide Hydrochloride Oral Solution Antidiarrheal Medicine- Mint

As you’ve probably already guessed, the active ingredient in this Walgreens medication is loperamide hydrochloride. This specifically eases the symptoms of diarrhea.

Look on the bottle to find the gluten-free indication. You can also filter out all of Walgreens gluten-free medicines on their website using their search tool. 

This is not an inclusive list; however, these are the products I was able to find that clearly state they are gluten-free. Make sure to double-check the label in the specified areas. 

If you are unable to find these brands in your area, look for a medicine with the active ingredient bismuth subsalicylate or loperamide hydrochloride that is marked gluten free. 

Naturally Gluten-Free Remedies For An Upset Stomach 


Peppermint has been used medicinally since ancient civilizations and is regularly found in today’s medication. Peppermint is known to alleviate stomach pain, aid digestion and decrease bloating. 

You can consume peppermint in a number of ways, Including:

  • Brewing a pot of peppermint tea 
  • Chewing/or eating peppermint leaves 
  • Cooking with peppermint 


This root has a long history of relieving nausea and gastrointestinal irritation. Like peppermint, you can consume it directly, cook with it or brew a pot of ginger tea. 

You can find these ingredients at your local grocery or produce store and they are 100% gluten-free. 

Gluten-Free Stool Softeners

Though Pepto Bismol is meant to firm your stool, stomach pains can often be related to constipation. Below are stool softeners that clearly state they are gluten-free. 

1.Colace Clear Stool Softener Soft Gels 

The main ingredient in these gel capsules is Docusate sodium. This helps water and fats get into the stool, relieving you from constipation. Gluten-Free is clearly labeled on the front of the box and is certified by Celiac Spruce Association, the largest non-profit celiac disease support group in the United States. 

Colace sells other products that are not gluten-free so make sure you purchase Colace Clear Stool Softener Soft Gels and read the box for appropriate labels. 


Mix this powder form substance with a liquid such as water or tea for relief of constipation. The active ingredient in this laxative is polyethylene glycol. There is no gluten-free labeling on the bottle, but the company clearly states the product is gluten-free on their website

3.Walgreens Senna Tablets  

The active ingredient in this natural vegetable laxative is ​​Sennosides. Look for gluten-free in the description or near the drug facts.

Naturally Gluten-Free Remedies For Constipation 

Increase your Fiber Intake

Fiber helps to naturally bulk and soften your stool. You can increase your fiber intake with the foods you eat.

Gluten-free fibrous foods include:

  • Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Avocados 
  • Berries
  • Potatoes
  • Nuts 

Drink More Water 

Dehydration is a direct link to constipation, so make sure you’re drinking enough water. Want to switch it up? Try sparkling water as the bubbles can help to get things moving again. 


After contacting Pepto Bismol directly, I have found that the medicine is not gluten-free, as they can’t guarantee there is no cross-contamination during processing. With my in-depth research, I was able to compile a list of gluten-free medicines as well as natural remedies.

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