Is Dr Pepper Gluten-Free: Enjoy The 23 Authentic Flavors  

Are you craving a blend of those 23 authentic flavors? Dr Pepper has a unique taste that no other soda quite replicates. If you adhere to a gluten-free diet, you know that you can never be too safe to check what you’re consuming. 

Before cracking open the soda can, ask yourself, is Dr Pepper Gluten-free? 

The answer is yes; you can indulge now. Dr Pepper follows the FDA guidelines and contains less than 20 ppm gluten. They do not have a gluten-free certification or label on their products, but you can find all the allergens listed on the manufacturer’s website. 

Read on to take a closer look at the ingredients and find out what other flavors of Dr Pepper you can enjoy on a gluten-free diet. 

What’s Inside Dr. Pepper?

You can find a clear list of the Dr. Pepper ingredients on their website and below.

These include:

  1. Carbonated Water- 
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  3. Caramel Color 
  4. Phosphoric Acid 
  5. Natural and Artificial Flavors
  6. Sodium Benzoate (preservative)
  7. Caffeine

 If you have read my article explaining whether or not Coca-Cola is gluten-free, you’ll notice that the ingredients are pretty similar. Most sodas are made of almost identical ingredients that are changed here and there depending on the color and flavor of the beverage. 

 Below I’ll break down and define each ingredient giving you extra peace of mind that this beverage does have any gluten-containing products. It will be a good idea to take a mental note that these ingredients are safe for consumption as they often appear in other products. 

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water or soda water is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. This is the drink’s base and supplies the soda with the bubbles we know and love. As carbonated water is a mixture of water and gas, you can be sure this is always gluten-free. 

If your intention with this diet is to live a healthier lifestyle rather than adhere to it for dietary issues, I recommend avoiding soda entirely. Carbonated water on its own is a great alternative to drinking soda; there is zero sugar and artificial ingredients. You can spruce up the soda water by adding your favorite fruit or a splash of juice. 

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This ingredient might send some red flags, but it won’t be for gluten. While this ingredient is highly processed and loaded with sugar, it is derived from corn, making it gluten-free. High Fructose Corn Syrup is similar to table sugar and is used to sweeten processed foods and beverages. 

Caramel Color

As the name states, this ingredient is used to give the soda the deep rich color it is known for. You will see this ingredient in any darker soda beverage such as cola. It is generally gluten-free in North America, and if it contains wheat, it must be stated on the food label per the Food Allergen Labeling and Protection Act.

While it helps to produce the pretty brown hue, it has become controversial as it often contains 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI), which has been linked to causing cancer. 

Phosphoric Acid


This ingredient is an odorless liquid that gives the beverage an acidic and tangy flavor. Phosphoric acid can also appear as orthophosphoric acid; remember this when you put your label-reading skills to use in the future. 

This chemical compound is gluten-free and safe for anyone with celiacs to consume. 

Natural and Artificial Flavors

For the most part, natural flavors are as they sound; flavors derived from a natural food source. This can include plants, spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and animal products.  While artificial flavors, on the other hand, are manufactured and often filled with chemicals. 

While it is not clear what is in the artificial flavors and how they are made, The National Celiac Association states that they are considered gluten-free. 

Sodium Benzoate

Sodium Benzoate is what keeps Dr pepper on the shelves just a little longer. This ingredient comes from the sodium salt of benzoic acid, a commonly used preservative in processed foods and drinks. 

This ingredient is safe for anyone on a gluten-free diet to consume. 


Caffeine may be the selling point of this beverage for some; I know particular individuals that would drink soda first thing in the morning to give them an extra boost. Personally, I’ll stick to my coffee, but whatever works for you. 

Naturally extracted caffeine comes from plants and beans such as coffee beans, cacao beans, and Kola nuts. While, at one point, this was the only way to obtain caffeine, technology has changed this.

Dr Pepper does not state where the caffeine in their drink comes from; most beverage producers use synthetically made caffeine to cut costs.  

If it is synthetically produced, it is made from urea and chloroacetic acid, both gluten-free. 

Gluten-Free Flavors 

Dr Pepper does not have their allergen information on their website, but you can find this on their producers. Each allergy or sensitivity has its own category, and if a product contains ingredients of that allergen or will affect the sensitivity, it is listed below it. None of the Dr Pepper products are listed to contain gluten.

This means you can enjoy any of the below flavors: 

  • Dr Pepper 
  • Dr Pepper & Cream Soda
  • Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper 
  • Dr Pepper Made With Real Sugar
  • Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
  • Dr Pepper & Cream Soda Zero Sugar
  • Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Sugar 
  • Diet Dr Pepper 
  • Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper 
  • Caffeine Free Dr Pepper
  • Caffeine Free Diet Dr Pepper 

To learn more about Dr Pepper and the history of the company, check out the video below.


If you have a hankering for a Dr Pepper go ahead and pour a glass, it is gluten-free. You don’t have to stop at just the original. All variations and flavors of Dr pepper are currently gluten-free, as indicated on the manufacturer’s website. 

Are you curious to know what other beverages are safe to consume on a gluten-free diet? Check out my recent article and find out what is inside Sprite.

My name is Gabby, and I’m the creator of Gone Gluten. I started this site to inspire those who are currently living or trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

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